Appreciate the beauty around you

Make sure you take the time in your daily busy life to appreciate the beauty around you! Sometimes the most wonderful things can be right in front of you. Don’t take them for granted. Take a second, put the phone away and appreciate the surroundings. If you remember to do this you learn to appreciate things more. Not to mention when you consciously put the phone away even for a brief amount of time and soak up the things around you it can help relieve some stress. It can help you focus on personal tasks at hand. Maybe even help you realize that there is so much more in the world and that its time to start actually seeing it. Use that inspiration and those moments like that to push yourself to do more for yourself to live happier and healthier.


This wonderful looking plant is ROMANESCO. it’s a cross between broccoli and cauliflower. It tastes much like cauliflower, however it has a bit of a nutty flavor. This plant is packed full of nutrients. Loads of Vitamins, Minerals and also its low in calories. It’s one of the best foods to eat for people who have sensitive stomachs as it can help regulate many things in your body including the gut.

Best ways to cook: boil/steam, bake/roast (brings out the nutty flavor) enjoy! 🙂

Breathing in some fresh air

Get out and enjoy the day. If the weather is nice go for a walk, run or hike. Just get out there and enjoy the fresh air. Just by moving around you can be healthier. Soak up the sun and make sure you take a moment to appreciate everything going on around you. Take in all the air, the life that is currently existing. Tell yourself how much you appreciate yourself. Tell yourself how much you appreciate the things you have and all that is. Today try and focus on noticing things and really appreciating all the beauty that too many of us take for granted. Enjoy your day.

Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches aro

Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches around the world are helping people to change their lives through a holistic approach to wellness. We’re helping people to lose weight, manage stress, have more energy, be more active, and have fun being healthier! We’re celebrating for Health Coach Week! Have you worked with a Health Coach? Ask me how it can change your life! #HealthCoachWeek #IINCongress

Health Coach Week is all about raising a

Health Coach Week is all about raising awareness of the positive impact that Health Coaches are having on our communities. This week @nutritionschool and Coaches around the country and the world are showing their government representatives the power of Health Coaches! You can help by signing & sharing our petition to Congress – find the link in my profile! #HealthCoachWeek #IINCongress

Dinner for two! feeling unstoppable today??

Its the day after Valentines day. How are you feeling today? For a number of people that are in the Dating / Married life you could be feeling a number of things. Is one of those feelings perhaps that you feel UNSTOPPABLE today? Maybe like you can take on anything that could take place in your day? For a number of couples who celebrate Valentines Day and have the results of the day a success. You could be feeling these things. The reason why is because the essence of love, hugging, caring, kissing, cuddling and yes of course sex. These acts release Oxytocin which is a hormone that literally makes us feel… to put it short more loving. But its also more than that. It has the ability to keep us uplifted and gives us the feeling of being capable of conquering the world. This also gives us as couples a chance to focus on our relationship. As relationships can play a huge roll in our overall health. Try to take a moment when you have the chance and focus on your relationship with your significant other. Make an effort to show how much you appreciate them. Hope everyone had a wonderful and Happy Valentines day!

“Now more than ever, we need to recogniz

“Now more than ever, we need to recognize the contributions of health and wellness coaches and lend them support as they continue to inspire positive behavior changes that will dramatically lower our nation’s health care costs.” – Congressman Donald M. Payne, Jr. (NJ-10). I couldn’t agree more! #HealthCoachWeek #IINCongress

Did you know that in the last 25 years @

Did you know that in the last 25 years @nutritionschool has had over 100,000 students & graduates from all 50 states and 120+ countries around the world in their Health Coach Training Program? I’m proud to be one of them! This week, February 13-19, we’re celebrating with Health Coach Week to raise awareness of the crucial changes we Health Coaches are bringing to our communities! #HealthCoachWeek #IINCongress

It’s Health Coach Week: February 13-19,

health-coach-week-image-1It’s Health Coach Week: February 13-19, 2017! This week is all about raising awareness of the important work Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches are doing to help our communities improve their wellness and lower healthcare costs. I’m proud to be changing lives as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach! #HealthCoachWeek #IINCongress

First blog post

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Hello to everyone!

I’m creating this blog to get more information about health, fitness and lifestyle changes out to people. From personal experience of struggling to know what diet is better than the other. To changing jobs or other lifstyles.Being in and out of the gym and discovering yoga. I want to share my experiences and education I’ve gathered. Allowing people who want to change for the better. Giving a way to gain knowledge and take control of their life again!