Dinner for two! feeling unstoppable today??

Its the day after Valentines day. How are you feeling today? For a number of people that are in the Dating / Married life you could be feeling a number of things. Is one of those feelings perhaps that you feel UNSTOPPABLE today? Maybe like you can take on anything that could take place in your day? For a number of couples who celebrate Valentines Day and have the results of the day a success. You could be feeling these things. The reason why is because the essence of love, hugging, caring, kissing, cuddling and yes of course sex. These acts release Oxytocin which is a hormone that literally makes us feel… to put it short more loving. But its also more than that. It has the ability to keep us uplifted and gives us the feeling of being capable of conquering the world. This also gives us as couples a chance to focus on our relationship. As relationships can play a huge roll in our overall health. Try to take a moment when you have the chance and focus on your relationship with your significant other. Make an effort to show how much you appreciate them. Hope everyone had a wonderful and Happy Valentines day!

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